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PaxChem Ltd.

Industrial Biocides

Relentless attacks from micro-organisms on industrial products, cause bio-deterioration. PAX Industrial Biocides offer unsurpassed Anti-Bacterial, Anti-fungal and Anti-Algal protection. We provide specialized products that comply with the latest international standards and regulations. We probably are the only indigenous supplier of Industrial Biocides, which has all the Regulatory Permissions and Statutory Licenses in place to ensure long term assured supplies.

PaxChem Ltd.

Personal Care Preservatives

Personal Care and Household Products due to their inherent nature, support the growth of micro-organisms that can cause product destruction. PAX Preservative formulations are specially designed to protect against such microbial contaminations and offers guaranteed protection. Specialized products complying with FDA and Pharmacopoeia Standards, are also available with us. Our manufacturing facilities complying with cGMP – ICH Q7 & FDA Certification standards ensure World Class Quality of our Preservatives.